Personal information

1) Website does NOT collect any personal information and collects
only general statistics about website traffic. These information can NOT be used to trace users
identity and information is used only to evaluate website traffic. NO information is shared with
third party of any kind.

2) Website does NOT publish any user names, contact information or
any other personal information.


1) Advertisers using may save cookie files on visitors hard disk.
These cookie files contain only simple text and they do NOT distribute any software and they
CAN NOT run code or do any harm to you. Cookie files are usel solely for tracking advertisement
clikcs and conversions.

2) Cookie files can be deleted any time and accepting cookies can be turned off in your browser.
Website will be fully functional when cookies are turned off. However keep
in mind that the site owner will NOT be paid for advertisement when you turn cookies off.

Changes of thise privacy policy

1) This privacy policy is constantly updated and so owner of recommends
regular monitoring of changes in this privacy policy.


1) Name, e-mail, address and other information about customers is strictly private. These information will NEVER be published, shared or sold to any other person or business.

2) Customers will receive free updates of purchased e-book via their e-mail.

3) Customers will receive newsletter with updates or interesting information irregularly. Customers can unsubscribe to the newsletter any time. It will not affect e-book updated.


1) Owner of welcomes any suggestions or recommendations regarding
privacy policy and dealing with personal information. Do not hesitate to contact
if you have any suggestions or questions.